Advice to Club Centres & Member in respect of the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The Club National Executive (“NEC”) at its regular bi-monthly meeting held on the 15th March 2020 discussed and resolved to issue strong advice to all members and Centres of the club to minimise the risk to our members whose demographic age profile (probably in excess of 50% of the club are over or approaching 70) falls substantially within the categories of person at most risk from contracting the virus .

Whilst the NEC do not wish to be overly prescriptive, the strong advice of the NEC, the Directors and Officers of the club, is to follow as closely as possible the Advice given by the Government experts in the field.

As a result of both the NEC’s deliberations and the latest published advice, as recently as Monday late afternoon, the Clubs advice is as follows:-

  1. All face to face meetings with the exception of emergency or critical meetings of club members carrying out Club functions or activities should cease forthwith.

  2. All NEC, Centre Committee meetings and other sub group meetings ( Including informal meetings such as “Noggin & Natters” should be suspended.

  3. The NEC is actively researching video conferencing, conference call facilities and other alternative means of non-personal contact meetings.

  4. Social Distancing requirements should be observed as fully as possible in relation to all Club activities.

  5. Where Centres have outstanding Commercial obligations (to hotels, venues and other contractual obligations) it is suggested the organisers should attempt to re-negotiate the same and postpone scheduled events in to the next calendar year.

  6. With the above in mind the IHW Weekend in mid-July 2020 will be re scheduled to the next calendar year.

  7. Where possible, deposits and pre–payments where possible should either be returned to participants or carried forward against the re scheduled event. The Company Secretary, Charles V Fraser-Macnamara a retired commercial and litigation solicitor (Mobile Number 07836624663) will be available to assist any Centre Committee with any negotiations and agreements in that regard.

  8. We must be mindful that Hotels and Venues also face challenging times and if they are to retain future business they will have to be flexible in their negotiations.

The Club and its members are a voluntary organisation and we are blessed with a wide spectrum of expertise and experience and now is the time when we should be acting to protect our members and to ensure the survival of the club. Financially the Club is secure and can weather this “Storm” and with the full co operation of all our members we will do so.

Where members are aware of other members in their area who may fall into the vulnerable groups outlined in the Government advice, we would urge members to keep in contact with them (by non-direct physical contact ) such as a phone call or e-mail to see that they are safe and well - we are sure this would be appreciated . Indeed, there may be other practical assistance that can be rendered to self-quarantining members without risk to your own health.

Hopefully these measures will not last for more than 4-5 months or so and we can then resume our club activities in full. In the meantime, it may be a great opportunity to commence/complete that long awaited overhaul of our beloved Healeys!

With all our Best wishes to all Club Members,

Tony Curran
&Charles V Fraser-Macnamara
Company Secretary

Dated 17th March 2020
Austin Healey Club Limited