AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

June 2018


Hi Everyone,

Well what a great start to the season!. As I write Caroline and I have already attended two great events with fantastic weather over both weekends. The first was the Daffodil Weekend at Old Hunstanton in Norwich organised by Dave Wheeler and Ed Friend. A great weekend was enjoyed by all who attended. Neil & Pam Williams organised a Scatter Rally and managed to send Healeys in every direction for the day. We covered a large area of Norwich without getting caught up in any traffic. What an achievement and what a great days driving it turned out to be. The weather was fantastic from the moment we left home until we arrived back home on Sunday.

Well done to Dave and Ed and all their helpers.

Our next event was the Northern Centre May Bank Holiday Weekend organised by Paul & Jacqui Johnson and assisted by Mike & Bernadette Stonier. This year they took the bold step of returning to the “Lakes” and they selected the Whitewater Hotel at Newby Bridge at the bottom of Lake Windermere. The hotel was great and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. Mike & Paul had put together two days of great motoring. On Saturday the route took everyone up and over Rhino Pass and Hard Knott Pass before making our way up the west side of the Lakes and back via Kendal. I say us but it wasn’t really “us” we got up late and after breakfast realised we were the last in the car park. Caroline opened the event book and turned to the first route in the book and gave me directions out of the car park which I followed as all drivers do when being instructed by their navigator. I must confess that I thought it strange that all morning although we drove quite hard. I didn’t see a single Healey all morning. When at around lunchtime we came upon a pub with several Healeys parked outside I thought all was well. It was only in conversation that I discovered we had driven the wrong route to everyone else and had arrived at a point where both routes crossed each other for a short distance, We had missed all the passes. We sat and had lunch and decided we would complete the route we had started and do the other route the following day. Having wished everyone “Bon Voyage” we left the pub turning left ½ a mile up the road as everyone else turned right. We had a lovely return run heading out to the west coast and John nearly took a paddle in the sea until he was told his feet would turn green as we were near Sellafield! We were back at the hotel by four just in time for a well earned beer on the terrace and relax in (are you ready!) glorious sunshine. The normal Northern format was followed and we were entertained after dinner by a lovely young lady who performed a “Cilla” tribute act. On the Sunday we did the route the others did on Saturday and apart from again missing the passes (Caroline said NO!!) we caught a little bit of traffic going through Kendal but due to the weather the fantastic views more than made up for it. A really great weekend and my thanks and appreciation go out to Paul & Jacqui, Mike & Bernadette for a great weekend WELL DONE.

I am finishing this article having just returned from the Sprite 60th Birthday Event at Shelsley Walsh and what a great event it has turned out to be. I have never seen so many Sprites in one place not for 10 years and the condition of the cars that were there was fantastic. They are a real tribute to their owners for what must be thousands of hours spent getting them to such a high standard. The hillclimb was a terrific success and everywhere you looked all you could see were smiling happy faces. I am sure that there will be lots written about the event so I will leave it for them to judge and deliberate on it. I would just like to thank everyone that came along to the event from the AHC but more importantly I would like to thank my helpers for all the hard work they put in over the weekend to set up the site, manage the event throughout the day and breakdown the site after everyone had gone home. These events don’t run themselves and it takes a dedicated team of people to deliver a successful event. I feel I have again found a great team that helped me make sure this event went well and everyone had a great day out. I would like to thank Paul & Jacqui Johnson, Stella & Jim Prior, Mike & Bernadette Stonier, John Keener, Robert Thornburrow, Doug McClymont, Mike & Mel Ward and their concours team, Emrys & Pauline Jones, my son Matthew and his wife Nicola, my grandsons George & Henry, Paul Baker from Healeysport, all the staff and officials at Shelsley Walsh, The Lilly Belles, Carole Nash insurance who co sponsored the event “Fuzz” Townshend who was our Celebrity Guest for the day and did a great job. To you all, many thanks for your support and the time you gave up to help make the event work. Thank You!!!

What next? Well for Caroline and I it is the 5th European Healey Meeting in Rust. We are travelling with John Keener and a couple from Australia- Paul and Barbara Bradley who contacted me to ask if they could tag along as they are over here in the UK on holiday. We will take a couple of days to wind our way down to the event and the same to come back (more planning).
In view of this I should get out from behind this PC and start to sort things out and finish the route plan for Rust. I hope you all get out and about in your cars whilst the weather is so good and have an enjoyable time because I will be doing just that myself. I hope to see you out and about somewhere.

That’s all from me this month until next time keep well, stay safe and KEEP HEALEYING!!!