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Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

August 2019


No doubt you have picked up on the news of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landings in July 1969 as the TV channels have given it quite a bit of coverage. I remember at work that day one of our engineers had cobbled together an old black and white [well yes they were then!] set so we could see what was going on but it seemed so far away and improbable that after a brief look at those fuzzy pictures, we made our way to what was really important, our afternoon tea break.

Our own, Austin Healey Anniversary that is, was celebrated at the beginning of the month in some style as you can see in this issue with road runs and a visit to Bath. This is the 60th Anniversary of the Mk 1 3000 being introduced but 10 years earlier it was the Healey Silverstone just coming up for sale hence our piece this month. 105 models were built mainly going to the club enthusiast who fancied going motor racing and as you will read, the press were quite enamoured with the new car.

Donald Healey, after some success with the Sprites in '68 at Le Mans fancied a go in the larger car classes and so came about the SR, powered by a borrowed 2 litre V8 Climax engine. In '69 the car was going well, until blocked by traffic it overheated and with no fans in those days it was forced to retire. Two other forays were made with the car and in XR open cockpit form but unfortunately with little success.

The month has been busy with Tennis and then the cricket,if you are a follower, but the British Grand Prix was worth a watch especially as Vettel slid into the back of Verstappen, clearly he never saw his brake lights! This reminded me that the hydraulic brake switch, common to our cars, means that sometimes you need an inordinate amount of pressure on the pedal to illuminate your brake lights. It may therefore be wise to check your car and if the lights are a bit slow to react to change to a mechanical switch operated by movement of the brake pedal itself.

Our FBHVC report this month still voices concerns over the registration of our historic class cars so please take note of this interesting article.

On the way back from Bath I travelled the old A4 and somewhat unsurprisingly was able to perform a bit of - - - -
- - - - Keep Overtaking!