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Our Club Chairman, John Keener, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

February 2023


Here we are, off and running into another New Year, I feel I have to qualify when I am writing this as with the delayed post and the Christmas break it is difficult to keep up with the months never mind the days. So, it is 7th January and the January Revcounter has just landed on my doormat, one of my earliest deliveries so far, long may it continue. Just been balancing between the dining room table and the ladder, no not to decapitate the Christmas tree but to insert some of those fancy new LED lights in the overhead light fitting, modern technology can lead to an accident methinks!

This time of year, leads to renewing all sorts of membership to the other car clubs I belong to and their associated mind blowing web sites on how to pay. I hope though, you have made an entry into the IHW 2023 event at Kings Lynn, this year being run by Eastern Centre, seems only yesterday when they ran that event in 1979 at Knebworth and also Shuttleworth in 1988!

Been a bit nippy in the garage of late but have managed to get a few more ancillaries onto the Abbott’s engine plus an inner wing, it is true what another member said, have you taken a photo of where all the bits go? Well clearly, we all know the answer to that!

It is also that time of year to think about an oil change ready for the driving season, yes, I did say think, but at least to order in the oil and filter. Don’t forget 20/50 mineral oil for our cars! At the same time, I also usually pump the brakes a couple of times with each bleed nipple in turn open, it’s surprising the colour of the old fluid after the car has been standing awhile and not used since last season.

It is also time to think about a top up to your Waxoyl or Dinitrol injection coating. Probably left to a warmer day but I use a small compressor feeding into an empty Dinitrol can through a 10-foot clear tube. This can be inserted into a predrilled holes in the rear chassis cross member under the fuel tank and in line with the two main chassis rails, you should be able to reach the front suspension mounts. Gradually withdrawing the tube ensures wax gets into the total length of the chassis. Get the wax really warm
before you start and of course be prepared to get messy, but it does make your garage smell nice, if you are into that sort of thing! Clean out the tube with white spirit before you pack up otherwise it will solidify in the tube.

I see the Le Mans Classic is on this year from 29th June until 2nd July celebrating their 100th anniversary, but you will need to book now as spaces are going fast.

Nearer to home the Classic Car Restoration Show is on at its usual location at the NEC from 24 - 26th March which is always a great show with emphasis on rebuilds and restoration projects and at which we will have a club stand. You will find the discount code in our members area of the club website, which is another reason to register for this facility - all you need is your membership number.

As we go into the season keep your eye on the events planner and keep your diary up to date with Healey events to come.

In the meantime, look forward to
Keeping on Overtaking! with care of course!