AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, John Keener, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

July 2022


Many events to which we may involve our Healeys have now taken place with still more to come. Thames Valley attended the Classic Car display on the Long Walk at Windsor to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum 70th Jubilee event, to which many thousands of the public attended in glorious sunshine.

You will notice from the FBHVC report that the Oxford city centre is now a zero-emission zone with other cities across the UK inevitably following their example. Thankfully, following arguments from the FBHVC of which we are all members, historic vehicles are currently exempt, however, watch this space as the ULEZ in London is also about to increase in area from next year. Road pricing is also on the list for discussion, as many more EV’s hit the road with a consequent reduction in revenue from fuel sales which will have to be addressed.

The Tree-V scheme of which the FBHVC is a partner, is attracting a following from many classic car events keen to carbon offset their events and can be joined by individuals as well as club events.

We are fortunate that as a club we have been able to welcome a number of new members this year, some of whom enjoy doing their own maintenance and some who prefer to leave certain aspects to the specialists. Oil changes should use a good quality mineral, not synthetic oil with a viscosity of 20/50 such as Castrol, Millers or Penrite. This same oil is used in the gearbox not hypoid, which is used for the axle only. Tyres choices are often discussed and the equivalent radial on the 3000 to the old crossply is now 165/15 although some members use 185/70/15 but note the reduction in aspect ratio, as the diameter of some types does interfere with the wing edges. Use the currently available E5 pump fuel as this uses lower amounts of ethanol which can be harmful to rubber fuel
lines and carb diaphragms, it is also generally 97 octane which suits our cars.

Our cars benefit from accurate timing, so set the points in the distributor so they just open at the firing point - see workshop manual for figures. Many members have changed to electronic ignition, which is a definite improvement giving smoother running and more regular initial starting. Also, the carbs can go out of balance, usually because of uneven air flow, which leads to loss of power and higher fuel consumption. This can be addressed by making sure that as you crack open the throttle, observe that the butterflies move exactly together. There are on the market various gauges you can use to measure the airflow into each carburetter. This of course is not a total treatise on the subject of tuning, please consult your workshop manual or specialist for further information on
the subject.

All food for thought at the local noggin and natter - - -
- - - Keep Overtaking!