AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

December 2019


As you will have seen from this issue many of us attended the Classic Car Show at the Birmingham NEC over Remembrance Weekend on the 8-10th November. We were pleased to be invited once again into the main Hall 1 where our stand looked great under the spotlights. With five cars on show we could demonstrate all the models of 3000 in our 60th anniversary year plus a great looking 100. We were also pleased to display the Morley Brothers Rally car XJB 976 fresh from it's outing at Goodwood in September. With some clever computer dexterity from our capable Mem Sec we were also able to welcome some 20 or so new members to the club, welcome all. Many thanks to Rob and all our volunteers for their help over this weekend.

After a short amble around the halls I was able to pin down a few suppliers I was interested in for tools and suchlike, you can never have too many after all! I watched the Practical Classics demonstration on panel beating which took me back to when I was trying to shape the wings on my 100,the methods are just the same just different hammers! The new Skill Shack videos now available on many of the topics should prove very helpful. I noticed that the Pat Moss, Ann Wisdom URX 727 rally 3000 car was up for sale on the JME stand, just £3/4 million, I must raid my pension fund! and do the lottery.

We had lunch one day with a chap over from Ireland to promote the Gordon Bennett rally which has become a fixture on those shores, sounds a great event and a good excuse to visit the Emerald Isle.

The show was great but the going home traffic outside was horrendous especially after a bus broke down on the roundabout next to East car park. trust you all got home safely.

Back in the garage the week before last after a couple or three churns on the starter and much distributor twirling the two year old restoration of my 2912cc powered beastie burst into life and after running at 2500 rpm for 25 minutes I could safely say the cam was run in. I must really get a bigger extractor fan fitted in the garage, it was a bit suffocating with those triple Webers going.

Wishing all our readers a great Christmas and a Happy Healeying New Year.

See you all in 2020 where once again we can all enjoy - - -
Keep Overtaking!