Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

April 2019


You will note in the insert in this month's Revcounter a list of concerns from the FBHVC, if you are planning a trip abroad with your car post B*exit as we leave the EU on 29th March. Advice on EHIC cards and the location of Low Emission Zones [LEZ's] should be sought. I now note this date for "Armageddon" has been put back a couple of months so our worries can wait, perhaps.

However this may prove to be a point to explore with your insurer/break down provider if you are planning such a trip. As far as our MOT test being acceptable to the authorities in a foreign country we just don't know for the moment.

Another subject in the news at the moment is the security of our vehicles both at home and at events that we attend throughout the year. Some classic cars have been targeted by the criminal fraternity so please check your car frequently especially if it is stored away from home and remove the keys. A simple keyed isolator switch, not just that rotary switch fitted as original, in the main battery lead is well worth fitting as well as some form of mechanical lock to the steering wheel.

The introduction of E10 fuel appears certain to be introduced in September, therefore if you have old rubber fuel lines that may deteriorate now would be a good time to replace them. Likewise the diaphragms in the HD carbs, unless you have rebuilt your carbs in recent years then those supplied would probably be ethanol resistant. There is however a move to keep some pumps dispensing E5 but this would likely be only for a limited time.

You will note our Gold membership of the Healey Museum in Vreeland elsewhere in this issue but please inform them of your intended visit in advance if you are planning a trip in that direction.

Chatted to Tony yesterday and he sends his best regards to all and reports slow but steady progress.

You may remember the fallout from the VNUK case which threatened to press us to insure our offroad rebuilds and more importantly all our race cars on or off the track. From the Classic Car press it appears that whilst agreeing to increase insured values MEPs have voted to exempt vehicles not on public roads from these regulations. We will await confirmation from the FBHVC in due course but if true it may appear that common sense has triumphed.

Back in the garage a suspension overhaul was overdue as one shock was leaking and the rubber trunnion bushes had perished, time methinks for a bit of polybushing!

Snow today then sunshine it must be time for a bit of - - -
Keep Overtaking!