AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, John Keener, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

September 2021


An excellent Healey Weekend was organised in July by our team of volunteers in the Midlands Centre, in and around Stanbrook Abbey, close to Worcester. Considering our present variable weather system in place this summer we were fortunate to experience hot sunshine on our arrival which meant we could retire to the patio in front of the hotel for a refreshing beer after, in my case, a quick run up the A44. Those of a inquisitive nature will notice this in fact was not a Healey weekend but a Healey Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday due to a certain pandemic holding off our event for nearly two years. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all with good food and good company, an interesting road run on the Tuesday ably created by Bob and Lin Kemp, was followed by our visit to Eastnor castle which was very interesting, almost like a home in which you could imagine living now. The surprise on Wednesday made up for our “lost” Christmas by the appearance of a very dubious character dressed in red and muttering those immortal words
Ho,Ho,Ho! The lunch that followed was absolutely grand.

A week earlier our friends in the Healey Drivers Club had a roasting hot couple of days in Dawlish with temperatures in the high thirties thankfully made more bearable by a great trip on the River Dart. Mention of a great visit to the combat museum at Cobbaton must be made here as an attraction for all the chaps/girls who enjoy tanks and all forms of self-propelled armour.

Some sad news here as earlier in August we lost that doyen of all things written on our era of classic motoring, Graham Robson.
Graham wrote at least five books on Big Healeys including Works Healeys and Rally Giants with his bestknown title, Austin Healey 100 & 3000 Series, amongst over 150 other titles on classic cars. I was lucky enough to have Graham as my navigator on our 4th European Healey Meeting in Crieff in 2013, needless to say he followed the instructions to the letter. Graham was also commentator on our concours event held in the main hall at Crieff.

Elsewhere I note that signs are making an appearance on the pumps concerning the introduction of E10 fuel. This should not be a problem for our cars as most have been running on E5 for some time now and any components such as rubber fuel hose and carburettor diaphragms will have been changed under the various restorations and maintenance modifications we have carried out in past years. However, if you have a car that has been in storage for some time it would be wise to change to compatible items or use some of the additives that are coming on the market, or keep to the super grades of fuel at 97 octane which are using smaller amounts or indeed no ethanol in their makeup.

With summer still lasting for a while longer yet, enjoy a Healey outing and
- - - Keep Overtaking!