AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

October 2019


With more news from our friends at the FBHVC I see tyre age is still on the agenda. It appears they have concerns over the 10 year age rule and whether it should be implemented for our classic cars. Ten years does seem time enough to change tyres as surely the carcass has deteriorated over that time. It is usually quite obvious if you see cracking on the shoulder or the sidewall and just thinking of a blowout at motorway speeds does not bear thinking about. Check dates on the sidewall, if you find none it was made before year 2000!

Our last visit to the Bill Rawles emporium took place early this month and with the car park packed I was destined for the road outside, how early do some of those members get there? Good to see Rosie her usually bubbly self, we wish her well. Whilst there I noticed two members with 100/6s,one '57 and one '58, both still with their gallery heads, also a for sale model in the unit. I drove one of these a couple of years back and although 102bhp, it still made good progress. My green 100 bought in '72 pictured earlier in Bill's unit has sold and gone to someone I know, I hope he enjoys it for another 25 years!

As you can from my little piece on Little Gransden it was a grand day out and extremely hot, there is certainly an attraction for us, old cars and old aircraft!

Reducing our carbon footprint discussions continue with a new net zero target for 2050. Whether our old car hobby will be impacted by this in the coming years is food for thought but it is something we cannot avoid, nor may wish too. The use of low carbon fuels is upon us now and electrification [ EV] may be a real step forward as Jaguar and Mercedes have already experimented and introduced.

Meanwhile the Autumn Classic will be our next port of call at that friendly circuit of Castle Combe on the 5th October. There will be a Fraser Nash grid and also a Jaguar race in the memory of Norman Dewis.

Back in the garage with fuel lines to run and the exhaust system to fit it was a case of balancing the tail pipe on a piece of string while offering up the centre of the system to the cross member bearer, rather like tapping your head whilst rubbing your chest, well we all enjoy a bit of fettling!

I look forward to seeing you all at Combe with a bit of - -
- - - Keep Overtaking! down the A4!