AHC Chairman's Message


Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

October 2018


Hi Everyone,

What a great summer we have had, best since 1976 they say. Now don’t get me wrong but if global warming only comes around every 42 years then I don’t think I will see another one and so I have made the most of this one.

We said this year we would take it easy because of going to Rust but I don’t think we have had a weekend at home all summer and we have still missed lots that we would have liked to do but didn’t have time to do them.

Our last outing was to Woodbridge for Chris & Angie Davis’s weekend and what a great weekend it was as the sun shone from leaving home on Friday morning until we arrived back Monday afternoon, fantastic!

When you think about the work some of our members put into organising these events it is staggering and I am full of admiration for people like Chris & Angie, Paul & Jacqui Johnson, Mel & Mike Ward, Ed Friend & Dave Wheeler, John & Jill Bowman, Mike & Bernadette Stonier and all the others that put so much time into organising these great events throughout the year. It’s super that we can enjoy these with our cars and like minded friends from the club. I would like to thank all of you personally and on behalf of the club for all that you do for your fellow club members.. THANK YOU!!

Just to put thoughts into people’s heads, I took my mum to Jersey for 4 days as a treat and thought what a lovely place it was. I thought what a great location for an Austin Healey trip it would be. Then low and behold what hits my email inbox but an email from Scenic & Continental Car Tours for that very same place. When I looked at the cost it was £750 p.p based on two people sharing a car and a room. When you compare this cost (which I am not saying is excessive) with the average cost of a trip organised by our hard working club members you see what great events they organise. Now if anyone out there is thinking about organising a trip to Jersey next year in the cars send me an application form please.

I will be off to Event City later today to help set up the AHC stand with Northern Centre and they have asked if Caroline will show her Mk4 Sprite for the weekend which is nice, although another weekend away! Even with the warm dry weather the grass is getting longer in the garden at home and I will need to get to it soon. (please don’t mention housework to Caroline!)

I see some members are off up the “Cols” again this week, I wish you a safe and happy trip. Whatever you are doing as the summer closes, I do hope you enjoy your cars just a little bit longer. Winter is a long sad time but I have all my great trips out this summer to remember as a wile away the hours until Spring 2019.

That’s all from me this month until next time keep well, stay safe and KEEP HEALEYING!!!