Our Club Chairman, Anthony Curran, imparts his words of wisdom here each month!

Chairman's Comment

February 2019


Here we are in February of a brand new year and I hope you had a great time over the festive period and are looking forward to a Healey active 2019.

Our major event this year celebrates the launch of the 3000, 60 years ago in 1959! can it be that long? I was only a nipper!

You will see a flyer in this month's magazine for our "International Healey Weekend" to be held at Bailbrook House Hotel in Bath on 5th - 7th July. We will be just not able to enjoy a fantastic historic setting but a boat trip on the Avon and a brilliant steam train ride including lunch and tea, Looking forward to it already!

You will be able to book your places on this fabulous weekend via our dedicated web page or indeed through the forms included with this month's Revcounter.

Feeling an anecdote coming on I remember buying my first 3000 from a doctor at St.Thomas's in London in 1968, driving home and parking in the street outside my parents home. It was safe there for over 3 years, not now I fancy!

Moving on I hear you say I spoke to Tony last week and he has finished his treatment for the moment and sends his best to all and thanks for all your kind words.

I was looking through the FBHVC report and it does make for a gloomy read with that VNUK interpretation grinding on which may affect us having to insure our off road under restoration rebuilds not to mention all our competition vehicles. I notice however that Footman James is offering a cover for this former requirement. The new ULEZ area spreading out to the North and South Circular will also help to curb our movements no doubt. As if we didn't have enough of a problem thinking about the B*exit word, I can hardly bring myself to mention it!

On a lighter note I expect the more alert of you perusing Norman's missive on page 30 last month will have realised there is no valve 13 on a Healey, yes should be 12!

I now have the dates for the "6th European Healey Meet" which will be in Norway on the 13 - 19th June in 2022. Given the distance to Norway I was reminded that the Bloodhound SSC project has been thankfully saved which could get the record up to 1000mph!

My own task was to get to grips with the engine rebuild as mentioned in last month's notes. The crank and pistons did indeed go in and timing confirmed on what turned out to be a 715 cam. Next job head on and installing valves and rocker gear.

If I can I will include here a photo of Robin Astle receiving the Revcounter Award at our recent AGM for all the work he has done on bringing us those reports from the FBHVC.

Lets move on however and when out and about - - - -

- - - -Keep Overtaking!