Corona Virus (COVID-19) Update

With the announcement yesterday that all meetings where more than 6 unconnected people present (i.e. not family or "Bubble" Groupings) as defined previously will be unlawful from the 14th September 2020, the Club is left with the fact that all AGM’s including the National AGM will have to be held Virtually.

Once the restrictions are in force all meetings of Centres and the NEC will of necessity be virtual and no physical meetings which exceed 6 unconnected persons should take place in the Clubs name (this would include formal Centre Committee Meetings , informal gatherings in the Clubs name ,sub centre meetings and "Noggin and Natters" and any other informal groupings held or organised in the Clubs name.

Centres will be able to avail themselves of the "Whereby" video conferencing system where up to 50 participants (maximum 12 with video and audio – remainder audio only) to enable Centre AGM’s to be undertaken in October/November.

Any Centre representative or member requiring further clarification should feel free to contact the Company Secretary Charles V Fraser-Macnamara (email –

Charles V Fraser-Macnamara
Company Secretary

Dated 10th September 2020
Austin Healey Club Limited